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Ricoh has updated the vintage Pentax mm F3. Optically, the lens is unchanged from the original. References to a tele-camera have been found in the code of a leaked version of Google's camera app. Canon might've increased its market share, but overall the digital camera market took quite a nosedive in , according to the latest statistics from Nikkei. We've re-shot our studio scene using a full production Fujifilm GFX , resulting in some of the best image quality we've ever tested. Ricoh has released the latest firmware update for its GR III camera, bringing with it a few new features and overall stability improvements.

In a notice on its website, Tamron Japan says shipments of its mm F2. We've been shooting, to see what it can do. As you might expect, the gallery is full of adorable little puppers, young and old. Chris decided to find out by using the Pixel 3 XL as his only camera on a big trip. Was it up to the task? Take a look a look at some of the photos they shot and decide for yourself if the Pixel 3 is good enough to be your go-to travel camera.

A cosplay photo shoot raised concerns on a California beach when a model was seen carrying a rifle around without any indication it wasn't a real gun. The new quick release adapter replaces works with Manfrotto tripods, as well as all Arca-type tripods. Submit a News Tip! Reading mode: Light Dark. Login Register. Best cameras and lenses Corel AfterShot Pro key features include: Breakthrough Performance: Corel AfterShot Pro is designed for speed and allows those with and without the latest hardware to process their images fast. AfterShot Pro is fully multithreaded and optimized for multi-core computers by taking advantage of every CPU at its disposal to maximize the speed of onscreen preview, adjustment and output generation.

Work with photos wherever they are, whether they are in folders on your hard drive or on a memory card. Robust Metadata tools: Browse and search your photos with ease using the powerful metadata features in Corel AfterShot Pro. Easily find your images with automatically imported EXIF data such as camera settings, lenses and dates. Add your own keywords, ratings, labels and tags or use industry-standard IPTC Metadata, such as captions and copyright. Advanced, Non-destructive editing: With the non-destructive editing tools in Corel AfterShot Pro, refine and enhance your photos without ever altering your original image.

Apply intelligent automatic or manual adjustments—including complete exposure and tone control, color correction, white balance, noise reduction, curves and levels, lens correction and many more—knowing you can always revert to an earlier version of the image at any time. Selective editing: The unique Regions and Layers capabilities in Corel AfterShot Pro give you incredible control over image adjustments by letting you apply them exactly where you want them.

Batch processing: Corel AfterShot Pro saves you time with some of the most advanced and flexible batch processing tools available. Use them to rename multiple files, apply adjustments to groups of similar files with the same settings, or convert and export files to one or more pre-defined image formats and sizes. Tags: bibble , corel , raw , software-news. View Comments Comments All DXO 7 doesn't open any SigmaFoveon raw files either. PlaKen I like it so far. So, in the end, it's the same Bibble with a big old problem and some new ones. No deal. I'll be sticking with Lightroom.

WT21 Thanks for the quick summary. I hope Corel don't bollox up a good thing. Additionally, will this replace Bibble? Severn Bore I am in process of trying it, but cannot find any red-eye removal tool. Auster Pilot Red-Eye removal tool was always a plug-in although was supplied with core Bibble 5 product. Severn Bore Hi Auster Pilot. The same people are now working for Corel, so not much hope of that Argie And I want support for Fujifilm X I wrote Bibble but never heard from anyone. Alphoid Does anyone know if the DNG support is for real?

Mssimo Download the demo and report back with the news! Thank you for the feedback in advance. Mssimo Upgrade price for lightroom or aperture users! Octane I used Bibble before and I also had a full license to Noise Ninja so I got the benefit of the full as opposed to the reduced noise reduction features inside Bibble. If they can sort the colour this could challenge LR :- Colin - Huelight.

Shaken Quadro GPU supported? Mssimo It does run on linux. Michael H There is no shortage of whingers over at the Bibble forum, quite a few with no real justification. Damon Lynch Try to be patient : The highlight recovery is not ideal but I strongly suspect it's one of the top priorities for the developers.

JohnLindsey For Highlight recovery, you need to go the the detail tab and click monocrome or the color clipping happens. Keith Reeder "There is no shortage of whingers over at the Bibble forum, quite a few with no real justification. Is that "justified" and "based on use" enough for you? Do not do the same things? Mr Fartleberry This reeks of the iView sellout. Identity Impressed so far on my iMac. Grandcentral In case you want to compare Adobe has released a public beta of Lightroom 4 at labs.

John Bean UK Hmm. It appears to be unable to open Fuji X There's no reason not to support it. Maybe Corel will fix this mess. Robert Kovacs I picked up a copy. SteB It seems very interesting, even though I now use Lightroom. Nu stupid current activations like other Corel suites. It's very fast. Not bad at all. But still it's great to have some competition in the market. It's very responsive. Laster edit: you can create catalogs, I'm testing a big one right now. So concerning speed, I will give After Shot a try. Is that an operating system for people from Berkeley? Richard Butler I thought it looked odd.

Not a word I often have to write. You may also like. Phase One updates tethering and Raw conversion with Capture One 8. ACDSee Ultimate 8 introduces layer-based editing.

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Alien Skin offers Exposure 7 with Raw support. DxO Labs cuts prices, introduces OpticsPro 10 with atmospheric haze correction. Latest sample galleries. Sony FE 35mm F1. Canon RF 85mm F1. Latest in-depth reviews. Latest buying guides. Nokia 9 PureView update brings live bokeh and image processing boost. Jul 10, 12 mobile. SIRUI reveals mm telephoto and anamorphic lenses for smartphones. Jul 10, Best lenses for Micro Four Thirds buying guide updated. Jul 9, Jul 9, sample gallery. Instagram to implement anti-bullying features. Instagram is now launching two new features to combat harassment on the image sharing platform.

Jul 9, 39 mobile. Sony releases long-awaited FE 35mm F1. Jul 9, lens news. Cameradactyl Homonculus 69 camera launches with support for Mamiya Press lenses, Graflex backs. Jul 9, camera news. Jul 9, 54 camera news. Canon RF mm F Ricoh updates Pentax mm F3. Cloud Foundry. Application Development.

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    Wearable Tech. Application Security. Cloud Security. Information Security. Malware Analysis. Reverse Engineering. Web Penetration Testing. Audio Processing. Document Preparation. Image Editing. Project Management. Soft Skills. User Experience.

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    Workflow Automation. Business Management. Enterprise Resource Planning. Operations Management. Real Time Communication. UI Development. I'm certainly not interested in paying the Adobe tax annual subscription fee and this looks to be quite capable. As a pure hobbist, I started out with a program called picture publisher by micrografx which was eventually brought by Corel it had a masking system that was simple and easy to learn and use but quite powerful. Hopefully, you a lot of free software that made the same job! With the exception of Corel's PaintShop Pro, all of the other mentioned software is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

    When discussing all the various options, at least some mention should be made for the cheapskates among us :- of the freeware available. GIMP is certainly worth a look as are the freeware programs put out by the camera companies. I've yet to try Affinity Photo, but have read nice things about it. How do you feel it outperforms Capture One? I really enjoy using Capture One when shooting tethered, and for file management and organization, which seem to be areas Affinity does not address.

    But for raw file editing, I'd be curious to hear how Affinity compares to Capture One. An early version of Paintshop Pro came bundled with Wordperfect Office when I updated my word processing and spreadsheet program at work a number of years ago. The programs work efficiently and turn our great images and videos. They are also less expensive than the Adobe programs. The only problem with the Corel programs and all non Adobe programs is the lack of training opportunities. There are some training videos for Corel out there, but you have to look for them.

    Also, some of the Lightroom videos help with Paintshop and Aftershot, you just have to convert some of the language. Skip to main content.

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    Adobe Photoshop Beginning with the most recognizable photo editing software around, Adobe Photoshop is a product so well-known that its name has been transmogrified into a verb. Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6. Phase One Capture One Pro 9. Perfectly Clear 2. Related Articles. Buying Guide. Top 5 Films for Travel Photography. Tripod Strap and Bag Roundup. Everyday Carry Essentials: Lightweight Lights. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 Download. DxO ViewPoint 3. Julian K. I recommend you try photoviewerpro. It works perfectly well. Reply Reply. Nosey P.