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Readers’ Poll: The 10 Worst Songs of the 1970s

So what's the use of him, he never can keep you; You'll have to work from morn till night, that's what you'll have to do. You'll have to make shirts at a penny each or else stand at the tub, And mark my words, it's many a day you'll go very short of grub. Sally you'll cry for me, you get back to Cousin Joe and sit all on his knee.

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In about a twelve months after, young Sally came back to me And she said that she was sorry she'd ever been on that spree. Go back to Cousin Joe. Sally you can't come over me for I see you've got a baby to dance all on your knee. You really drive me mad! I'll have you up before the beak and I'll swear you are its dad. When that you get before the bench, they will not let you speak, And you'll have to keep the young one on thirty pence a week. So Billy, how can you serve me so?

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I'm sure the child belongs to you and not to Cousin Joe. Sadly, Minnie died of cancer in when she was just Thankfully, Morris Albert has no incredibly sad story and famous offspring that will make you regret voting for his song. He's just the singer of an incredibly, stunningly crappy song. What kind of feelings is Morris singing about? It's clearly a love song, but it's hard to think of a vaguer term than "feelings" to describe, um, feelings.

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Albert maintains a following in his native Brazil, but he hasn't much success in America since he shared his "Feelings" with us back in If you wonder why punk had to happen, listen to this song. They'll also associate it with insipid s drivel. Paper Lace were planning on releasing the song in America, but Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods beat them to it.

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  5. It was their only hit. You guys really have it out for mids soft rock. This one is another song about a tragedy. The song was written by poet Rod McKuen in the early s and first made a hit by Belgian singer Jacques Brel in The version by Terry Jacks hit Number One around the world in , but Jacks largely retired from music just a few years later.

    This is the one song on the list that some people might actually appreciate on some level. He wondered what would happen if he responded to it, only to discover it had been placed by his own wife. The lyrics originally went "If you like Humphrey Bogart," at the last minute he changed it to "pina coladas," a drink he didn't even particularly enjoy.

    Paper Lace - Billy, Don't Be a Hero Lyrics | SongMeanings

    The couple in the song both agree to meet at O'Malleys Bar, and don't seem all that miffed to discover they were both trying to cheat on each other. Instead, they discover they both love pina coladas, being caught in the rain and making love at midnight. It's like a modern-day O. Henry story. Maybe those should be called O'Malley stories now.

    Holmes had another hit in with "Him," but after that his pop career pretty much went to shit. He's had far more success in recent years as a playwright. I really have to hand it our readers on this one. The song originally called "Muskrat Candlelight" was written by obscure country-rock artist Willis Alan Ramsey in America covered it in , and the Captain and Tennille cut their own version of it in The song isn't some sort of analogy.

    Billy Don’t Be A Hero (Paper Lace)

    It's about actual muskrats falling in love. It's unclear why the Ford Administration thought that was a good idea. If they came a year later, Jimmy Carter would have probably pulled in a better act. They're one of the few pop duos in history to actually have a long-lasting personal relationship. You don't hear it much these days, but "You Light Up My Life" was actually the single biggest song of the s.

    The song was written as a love song, but Pat Boone's daughter Debby always interpreted it as a song about her devotion to God.

    Bo donaldson and the heywoods - billy don't be a hero (1974) stereo

    The song was written by Joe Brooks, who was arrested in on charges that he lured 11 women to his apartment with the promise of a movie audition, and then sexually assaulted them. He committed suicide before the case went to trial.

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    Around the same time this was all going down, his son Nicholas was arrested for murdering his girlfriend. The New York tabloids had a field day with the two cases. Knowing all that, it's hard to listen to the song in quite the same way. That feat alone earns him a spot on the Songwriters Hall of Fame.