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Mandolin chords California Stars, Wilco, | Jim's Mandolin Songbook

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Wilco Dreams of ‘California Stars’ on 1998 Live Version (Exclusive Stream)

Add your thoughts 21 Comments. General Comment Love this song and the fact that Wilco has been closing shows with it on their Sky Blue Sky tour summer There isn't a lot of cryptic messaging here from Woody Guthrie.

Although it is interesting to point out that since he wrote it, California Stars has lost its initial meaning: "California Stars" is actually a very complex pattern used in quiltmaking. So while the current manifestation "California!!! No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error.

The Lakers, the Warriors, the Kings, the Clippers, a little Wilco, & some other stuff

The song suggests to me a yearning to move West to California and hopefully a chance at a life that was more than grinding poverty "Tell me why I must keep workin' on I think that GoodPoop makes a great observation that adds another level of depth to the song, the singer wants to dream with his love in ease and plenty in their bed with a quilt of a popular pattern which is used as a metaphor for the better life that awaits them in California Jump up from my starbed make another day underneath my California stars".

General Comment Certainly because Tweedy didn't write it this contains none of the trademark anxiety, frustration, longing or self-loathing. However, he does make the words his own. For me this lyric boils down to this: two young people in love are laying on a grassy meadow on a summer night, warm breeze blowing, and they're looking at the stars dreaming of the future.

Their thoughts drift of in this idyllic setting. It's the beginning of the 20th century and the guy's got a thankless, low-pay job but he's willing to endure it just as long as he's got these magic moments every so often with his sweetheart. The desire to "rest their head on california stars" feels like a longing for a vacation, and consequently a more financially stable life, but for now they can just look at them and they're happy. Or you know, I could be wrong lol. General Comment I just finished Bob Dylan's autobiography, "Chronicles", where he mentions this famous set of songs.

This is, of course, one of the song lyrics written by Woodie Guthrie but never put to music during his lifetime. Bob Dylan used to go to Guthrie's bedside in a mental institution with Huntington's disease once a week in and play Guthrie's songs for Guthrie. So Dylan took the train out to Guthrie's former home, slogged through a swamp, and knocked on the door. So Dylan comments that 40 years later, Guthrie's granddaughter offered these lyrics to Billy Bragg and Wilco, even though Dylan should have had first dibs years before the Wilco bandmembers were even born.

I can't imagine this song being any better than Tweedy made it, but it's an interesting story that Dylan attempts to tell without conveying any bitterness. General Comment Thanks for the story. I've been wanting to pick the autobiography up. Hopefully this will be incentive for me to actually go get it. And yes. Being born, raised and still living in California, it's great to know this song is out there. I think I was listening to this on the 5 once actually, late at night.

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General Comment if i ever were to be married i'd definitely want it played at the wedding I grew up in that area so this song is really close to my heart.