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Read just a few verses above 1st Tim Of course it would, we see that in the book of Revelation. If a sick friend ask you to pray for them, would you? If so, are you not making yourself into a mediator? Of course you are. But your prayers go through Christ first. The same can be said with Mary and the saints. Well Said Michael, You are spot on. Mother Mary and the saints can appeal to God for us.

That is why our Orthodox church has saints and We keep a photo of Mother Mary and Saint George who killed the dragon in our church. Saints can pray to and ask God for mercy on our behalf through Jesus Christ. Except you can find corroboration of this m. There is a plethora of ex-Satanists all over the internet telling the stories they experienced…………..

Maybe at your local coven you do not not yet lol but at others they do. The death of my unborn brother was by the hand of one such person, so I know that at least to a certain extent, what Zachary tells is true. Also, I was never a practicing satanist, but in my teens I experimented with satanism and occult.

It gave me some weird experiences, also my life went bad. Recently though, I found my faith in Christ again. I always asked God for miracles to prove to me that he exists — I know you are not supposed to, but I am a weak man. Well, I asked for 3 and I got 3 in the week that followed my prayer. Gave me the chills man. God is real and Christianity seems to be the best road to him. I now study Christianity like I used to study the dark books, but this time everything works and I feel peace inside. Um unfortunately sane and educated people who are spiritually sensitive can and do think he is serious.

Before you explore deeper in satanism you might need to intelligently educate yourself about the reality of fron whence various magic derives power namely blood rituals of death and intense emotion and releasing and directing it to the occultists will to create intentions. Not only satanic but ostensibly christian and many other sacred occultists have done ritual abuses for power and experience since immrmorial times and that is largely why the inner circles are secreted to avoid being punished or exposed.

I sincerely hope you can get a realistic view on the dangers of all cults that use magic before you find yourself in a messy situation you dont understand. A tad judgey, no? You realize this is a Catholic blog… If you want to read tales of occultists being converted to your branch of Christianity maybe stay in your stream of fellowship?

Ive read through this as a now skeptical christian to have found that christians seem to be at war with one another and everyone else.

If you are a Christian Protestant, no doubt then you would know that Scripture says these people are not dead. And who said anything about worshipping them? They are deserving of respect and honor. Do a little research. Real research.

Simple Truths About Salvation

Just to clarify things. We ask for their intercession, just like you would ask for your friends or family to intercede for you pray for you. We only worship Jesus Christ, and we follow the good example of saints. And to say that saints have no place in our lives is to deny the afterlife. Their bodies may be dead but some are incorrupt but their souls live on in heaven.

Blessed Mary! We adore and honor you! Guide us and intercede for us! Here Jesus had the perfect oppurtunity to teach Christians forever to honor and include Mary in their daily walk of faith. He didn't. He turned attention AWAY from her. It is true that Jesus did not at the moment teach christians to honour Mary…Why? We are called christians since we follow his examples. I used to wonder about this also and read and re-read it trying to understand.

Jesus ws not conceived of eathly means of reproduction. If to you a reproduction is not the real thing but a representation. Jesus was the real deal you knucklehead dim-witted questioing doubters.

So go ahead edure pain from some stupid steet person or girlfriend, have sex to release stressn she,ll do whever it takes to gey you to recognixe hrt as god if shr bore thr son of God. Yeah, keep it up Protestants! Apart from Satanists, only Protestants would feel sorry that this man turned his back to Satan by the grace of Jesus Christ! If you are honest, take the time to ask yourselves on what side of the fence you stand. Get real! Asking them for intercession is not the same thing, for friends and family members are still alive and on earth.

Their is one mediator between us on earth and God, and that is Jesus. Very well said. Lets pray for the healing, convertion and deliverance of all names of those who wrote their comments here. You all certainly seem threatened by our little prayers!. Wonder why? Viva Gesu! Benedetto sio Dio e Maria! Now shoo! Peter talks to a dead girl in the acts of the apostles, and tells her to wake up. And, she does. So, was Peter evil because he talked to someone who was already dead? Also, Catholics do follow Scripture. Part of the issue here is that Protestant cannon of Scripture is different than the Catholic cannon.

We have more books in our bible, and our beliefs are found in Scripture. Oh, wait. It already was. If God is all powerful, why did He chose to come to the world through a humble virgin? Mary did us all a great favor in bearing and raising Jesus. It you read the bible well, it is said that God hears prayers of the righteous ones; the reason for asking for their prayers. Please respect the mother of God the son. And where will you go when you die? By your logic, Jesus suffered and died for Himself. There is apparently no one else in heaven then but Jesus?

What an absurd argument. Or why they borrow rituals and symbols from the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church? Spot on Mary. I love everyone and I pray God softens our hearts to receive Him. Jesus died so that we may have a direct connection to the Father through Jesus. We should have the living intercede on our behalf. But our help comes from the Lord therefore our prayers and praise should go to Him directly. Mary does not save anyone….

Catholics are Mary-worshippers who pray to the dead dead saints. All Catholics are deceived…. May is not the month of Mary. There is no such thing as Purgatory imaginary waiting room , and Mary, saints, and priests cannot save you from your sins. We are not disrepecting anyone…. Catholics are highly deceived, and we pray that the scales will fall from their eyes, and they will come to the knowledge of the Truth…and the Truth shall set you Free! Maria, I think that you are deceived.

No real Catholic who knows the Catholic Faith would give you such a mixed up message. The Saints are not dead. They are alive in heaven, and they await the general resurrection to be reunited with their bodies, which will be glorified bodies, since they died in Christ and will not know the Second Death. When we confess to the priest, we actually confess to Christ through the priest, as if we were confessing to Christ Himself.

This is very evident in Orthodoxy where penitents confess to Christ, in the presence of the priest, facing an icon of Christ. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon. For the day of the Lord shall declare it, because it shall shall be revealed in fire. Finally, e You should stop and think for a minute. Luther was an Augustinian Monk. Calvin was a theologian. Henry was a Catholic Monarch who divorced and murdered several wives.

They all created division, chaos, confusion and loss of Faith. They denied doctrines of Christ that had been held since the beginning. They broke away from the Church and started their own operations. And some among them may have even lost Christian Faith.

Read history, and if you want to know what an institution holds as Creed, as that institution. Your pastor either never was a Catholic, or was a fallen away Catholic like Luther and does not understand Catholic teachings. And if he is a fallen away Catholic, he is probably filled with anger and hatred and a sense of abandonment. Neither of these three things counts as an argument against the Catholic Church and her teachings, which she received from Christ.

Only the blood of Jesus gives him the right to mediate as High Priest and Mary and the saints cannot intercede for you. Why would you waste time with men when you can go directly to God as the Son, Jesus Christ? We do not need men to intercede at all. You said Maria has been deceived but you have been deceived also through the doctrines of the Catholic. You have been made to believe that the Saints like Mary who are alive in the realms of the spirit do have an authority to intercede for believers on earth.

The disciples of Jesus asked him to teach them how to pray. This is a false doctrine from the Catholic Church created by the Catholic Church to brainwash their members. Wake up to this fact. Someone praying for another is an intercessor. The only reason emphasis was laid on Mary was because, first, Mary was a virgin. And for a virgin to conceive and give birth is another shocking mystery.

And then second of all, Mary is a woman. Men do not give birth to children but women do. NOT Mary. In John Chapter Verse 7, Jesus said, Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you. No more confessions to a Priest like the Catholic Church does. Verse 13 made it clear that the Holy Spirit will not speak of his OWN but informing us what God Almighty wants us to know through hearing God speak or to see revelations.

Revelation chapter 8 verses 3 and 4 described a ceremony where an angel offered up much incense along with the prayers of SAINTS upon a golden altar which was before God Almighty. Yet the Catholics pray to Mary and also some angels. This is the biggest error in Christianity. Therefore, cut yourself out of that brainwashed up doctrine that has nothing to do with God Almighty. And all that kneeling and praying to the statues of Mary and Jesus of the Catholic Church is pure idolatry and devil worshiping. You will see from here that you can choose to bury yourself in a Catholic doctrine and be in a spiritual prison void of knowledge while sticking to that doctrine or simply FREE yourself now by following ONLY what is written in the Bible.

God bless. Ok David. For this is good and pleasing to God. That same Peter is buried in the Vatican in Rome. From Peter came all the Popes of the Catholic Church, and branched away from the same church? God bless all! For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

Dead woman, maybe your mother? You presume to love and respect Christ and yet insult this mother? Shame on you. You cannot love even a miserable pig without respecting its mother. How spiritually blind and dead can you be. Are you still a Christian or a imitating Satanist? You are unaware that Jesus lives today, you maybe too blinded by temptation around you to know that he is alive and not all Christian are catholic whom may have come to Christ by different means but, you have made a choice to believe the gargbage man will cover the cost to offer you remption by means of prayer.

The bedtvof luck and tranquillity. Mary and the saints are not dead just like Our Lord Jesus is not dead but are in fact Very much alive in Heaven. There are part of The Church Triumphant. Mary and The saints are alive there woman….


You are probably a Holy Roller……. Only a fool would think Catholicism as a cult! God is the only one Catholics worship. Devotion to the angles and saints is something entirely different. I agree with your comment 1use00 percent. He was still easily decieved by satan. The mary he talks about is not the same Mary who God used as a vessel through the Holy Spirit. He along with millions of other catholics who pray to the mary from hell will join her in hell. You can search and search any dictionary or Encyclopedia and will not be able to find a description of the torment people will go through in hell.

There are catholics who thought for sure they were going to heaven or thought they were going to purgatory and they would say a bunch of useless prayers. Wow what an awesome testimony!! Praise the Lord!!! Do you actually believe this rubbish? Then again if you believe a divine being created the world in 7 days just a few thousand years ago maybe it all sounds very feasible….

So in the name of Jesus we have the victory. I have been writing extensively to expose the atrocities of Satanism. I have been open in stating that I hail from the most odious Satanist family in history. Moreover, my parents, Joe and Eileen Gramoglia, were the lord and lordess of the International Church of Satan together since While I do notice that I am distinct in emotionality, I myself do not pose a societal problem whatsoever.

However, since I am an ardent servant of God, I have been abused nefariously in all aspects. I have fought my case hard and have had police officers tell me to stop reporting crime even. This is due to the fact that I live in a country that should be termed the United Satan of America. I had faith in a few of my family members from previous ages, but in order to hold people accountable, I asked that people affirm that they are inherently well intentioned and ethical. I have been deeply troubled by nefarious psychopathy and criminal insanity and I want individuals of this nature out of my life.

Thus, I asked people who may be entering into my life to basically pledge God publicly under their true given names. Just to recapitulate, Lucifer surrendered unconditionally nearly 2 months ago. Thus, I have outlined some major points that I would include and do in my personal pledge to God:. Various individuals balked at my request that they post a public pledge to God. Thus, I discovered that many people had nefarious intentions in seeking to associate with me.

I posted my final wishes for my money, property, effects, and body in the event of an aggravated suicide. My attorney, Bob Hartmann, texted me today to inform me that the court had issued a warrant for my arrest since I have bogus charges that are false and recently a bomb threat was directed at me. I simply cannot understand why people would want to commit to a life as firsthand killers in the face of strife.

People certainly did ruin my life, but none of you obtained the damnation of my soul or my integrity. Thus, I have rejected and disowned my entire family as of today. Moreover, I trust no one implicitly and have been very wise in this decision. I am not saying that I want to spend my life alone, but I have decided to venture slowly with people to get to know their true personas. No one is going to use and abuse my abilities, generosity, monetary resources although I have none now , or abuse me overall ever again.

I will not tolerate this in any capacity and I have honestly never been a person who can be tricked or deceived indefinitely. Hence, I will discover what a piece of garbage you are if that so happens to be the case rest assured. Sorry Michael, I believe this man is making this up…why??? His advice at the end is sound, regardless. Kathleen, thanks for this cautionary remark.

You are a no nonsense woman. Yes, something here smells very fishy. I doubt this man is telling the truth.

God Is Love: Diabolical Hell Debunked All Saved - Dorothy Van Vuren - Google книги

Sometimes Christians are gullible, especially when someone claims to have seen the light. I suggest matching the above story with the interviews with him available on youtube, see if it hashes out. I was involved in the occult, through my father, who was a member of a group of people that called themselves sorcerers. Bits and pieces of what he says makes me doubt parts of his story-embellishment almost. I do not doubt that he dabbled or was involved in the occult. But,… wiccanism is basically the laughing stock of paganism.

First of all, holy water and a Rosary? A child of God has nothing at all to fear of the devil. You can dispatch him by telling him that he cannot touch you because you belong to Christ. If you are trusting in holy water and a rosary, you are basically bringing a a bow and arrow to a nuclear war. What does that have to do with my post?

Besides, it is not the items itself he fears, but the prayers of the Rosary. Satan flees from sanctification. The faith is a living faith, a tangible faith—far from an intangible, Gnostic faith-alone belief system. Blessed items help aid us in responding to grace given to us by God, much like relics of holy men and women are vehicles for grace and of the power of God. The bones of Elisha brought a man back to life on its touch 2 Kgs.

Firstly, I would never try to address the devil myself. He is an angel, and despite the fact that he is a fallen angel, he is dangerous and cunning. I would call on St. Michael, Mary, Christ Himself to protect me for the demonic forces, but would never speak to him myself. Secondly, I would not underestimate the good of sacramentals. Christ gave us the Church. If you believe in the Catholic faith, you will understand that the sacramentals are important.

Water is blessed by a priest who is a representative of Christ. If you are not a believer of the Catholic faith, then these things will most likely seem like superstitions until you have a deeper understanding of them. Not true Mary. A rosary and Holy water are sacramental. Maybe you are not Catholic and then I would understand your position, but if you are read about what a sacramental is and you will see that they are very powerful in protection against the devil and demons.

Holy Water can drive away demons. The Rosary is so powerful against the devil. Yes, they are the nuclear arsenal against the devil. Whose name must we call on to be saved? Upon whom do the Apostles tell us to call in times of trouble? Who alone defeated Death, Sin, and the Devil? You are clearly not catholic so I respect you position but for myself I will use them. In fact I have on continually a scapular, a miraculous medal, a st.

And the treasure that our holy Catholic Church has. First of all the holy Eucharist body, blood, soul and divinity of our lord Jesus Christ and all the sacraments that bring us close to God and make us holy. If you think you are right about what you say and live your life as a pagan! There are endless testimonies of people who have been saved from temptation, from death, from possession, converted to Christianity…all through Our Blessed Lord, but facilitated or instigated by the use of sacramentals — an act of faith in God, His promises, and His power over the Devil.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us! After I was confirmed, I never heard those voices again — and please God, I never will! Those that love Our Lady, and the Saints, do so not only because they are fellow children of God; but also because they love Our Lord God, and because God so loves them that he invited them to share, in a very real sense, his cross — his sufferings.

By lovingly taking up that cross, they inspire, and pray for us. The Lord is with Thee: blessed art thou among women. It never ceases to amaze me that so many Christians refuse to give Our Lady the honour that is marked out for her in the Bible. I also find it astonishing that non-Catholics can get caught up in worrying about a veneration that leads Catholics closer to Our Lord. John the Baptist.

There are a plethora of other things that help us, but those are excellent examples. Sorry but I disagree with you on this matter. I am a charismatic Catholic, born-again Christian. The rite of exorcism in the Catholic Church involves holy water. If you read the lives of the Saints, one of their biggest weapons against the enemy to keep him away from them was to use holy water. I have been annointing myself daily with holy water from Lourdes France.

That is the reason Catholics bless themselves with holy water entering the church and when exiting the church to protect themselves from Satan. I personally believe this whole story. I look forward to reading his book. No doctor or nurse who is of any moral integrity or quality in their profession would want to do this type of job.

I happen to have worked in the medical profession for over 30 years and recently retired.

How the 'Christian' bestseller is deceiving millions

Thank you for this reply. I enjoyed reading it. Holy water and holy communion are extraordinarily powerful weapons against the enemy. None of that matters. If there is any doubt he could still be practicing Satanism then you stay away. For me there is doubt, why, simply because he was a practicing Satanist. So you pray for him and move on. This is only my take on it because I am not going to take the chance of opening myself, or my family to any demonic influence, ever! Prayer works, I can pray for him but I need not learn from him. Apostle Paul experienced his conversion in Damascus in a moment,that even some of the apostles were skeptical because it happened so quickly,but the almighty does and still does work in the most mysterious ways.

Paul is responsible for spreading the gospel throughout most of the New testament. Please try and understand that when it comes to God there is no such things as miracles,its only a miracle to us humans placed into these mortal bodies which is continuously decaying. I believe in this mans conversion. We must all try our best to stop this division in Gods Kingdom among the various denominations,we are in a war folks,we need to be praying for one another.

Not making it up. I happen to know Zachary and know him well. But there will always be people who want to mock the truth. Hello Laura and GOD bless, Mocking these truths are the reason these evil events are so prevalent today. It is ignorant to call this man a liar because his experience in the occult is different than what someone else has experienced, there are hundreds of different occultist beliefs and practices. If one loves GOD more than fears Satan they will not be harmed by this knowledge and can help fight it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this matter.

He still gives off a certain appearance let us say. It gave me the creeps. I think it was my guardian angel. As a young person I used to be drawn to the occult area of bookstores. Thank God I never progressed into anything satanic. I was very curious. But as I say, I have a very watchful guardian angel.

Aside from that, pedophilia is rampant, and satanic sacrifices of young children is on the rise. I would guess that the author of this book might be telling the truth. My comment was a cautionary one. One I felt obliged to make. Pax Christi. We are to be informed and aware of Satan, but not go looking for him either. Kathleen- Well said.

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Not everyone is privoy to such knowledge nor will understand your experience. There is no reason to get into a heated discussion with individuals that are ignorant on the subject for you are wasting your time and energy. That is why so much demonic activity is increasing and darkening the earth. It is a powerful, highly organized system and follows commands without fraction with its only goal to destroy humanity period.

Its weapons are various but one that is truly useful is the spirit of error which will have you believe a lie and feel that it is truth which leads mankind to self destruction. Years ago I saw an interview by Father Frank Pavone on EWTN and the person he was interviewing told him that abortionists were doing satanic rituals during the killing.

He looked shocked and changed the subject. I believe this story. I pray at abortion clinics on killing Saturdays. At a recent training event, the instructor emphasized that the prayer partner is the most important role and that person should take advantage of the sacraments regularly, receive Holy Communion that day, say the rosary and use holy water and blessed salt.

Abortion is truly demonic but God always wins. Join us at the entrance in person and please pray with us. Think about it: only a Catholic priest can deal with a possessed person, which can happen in such activities as described in the article. Keep praying, brothers and sisters! I also recommend having recourse to St Bartolo Longo, who was in a similar situation to Zachary, and was saved by the Rosary. The Rosary cannot save anyone….

The holy rosary is a meditation on Christ. Before bibles were widely available, it was a way for Christians to revisit the works of Christ. Please, please, please try to see your fellow Christian Catholics in a more favorable light. We are all on the same team here. People need to realize the spiritual battle that is going on all around them.

Nothing is worse than hearing a person, especially a Christian, say that spiritual warfare dosent exist. Even if this Zac guy is making all this up and trying to get rich off of it — which i dont believe he is — it still dosent take away from the FACT that this stuff really does happen every day, all the time, everywhere. Satan is as real as the sky is blue and he want every single soul he can manage to grab. Also, his almost exact mimicry of the Holy Mass with the black mass and everything that is entailed and goes along with it, should be proof enough that the Catholic Church is who she says she is — Satan dosent mimic Protestant denominations.

Why do i say this? Its about dang time we Christians, all across the board, join together and prayerfully smash this evil. It was powerful and one reason he goes into such detail is that he wants people to know how serious this is. His conversion gives hope to anyone who may be struggling with evil. There is always hope in Jesus Christ and he very clearly describes this in his powerful testimony.

I could not convince them of the evil. What may seem innocent may be very evil.

God’s Army: the Truth about Angels

Did you know that 1 reason St. Happened in MY Parish! Thanks for the comment on Dungeons and Dragons. I have tried to warn people of this since the board game was out in the early s. The computer game is worse. Some very prominent exorcists have spoken against D and D. I deserve it. This church deserves it. Jesus is coming for those who are looking to and for Him alone and no mere human Eph. Idolatry is a soul-damning sin Gal. Those who will be saved worship Jesus Christ alone and therefore have no idol in their heart Ezek. Joyce Meyer has become extremely popular through her speaking and numerous books.

There is certainly some truth in these books, but it is hopelessly intertwined with psychological error, and great caution is needed. It is critical to emphasize that the abuse of children is a grievous sin and a real problem in our society. Christians need to respond with compassion, understanding, and hope. Meyer makes sweeping pronouncements as to this causal link:.

If this chain of causation is traced back far enough, we reach Adam and Eve, who had no earthly parents to blame—but tried to blame God. Scripture has much to say about ungodly anger see, e. How does Meyer know for certain that those who have been sinned against, yet accomplish something important, are doing so in order to be accepted by others? How would Meyer explain the sins of those who have not been seriously abused, those who are raised in godly homes but turn away? Where is personal responsibility for sin in this picture, where so many life problems are attributed to the sins of others?

Nowhere does Scripture command us to recall, rehash, or replay the sins committed against us in the past, in order for our sanctification to proceed. The victim mentality also tends to emphasize unmet individual needs, rather than serving God and others. Like many others, she responds with the claim that God can fill the gap and meet those needs:. Does God meet our needs? Should we look to Him to supply our legitimate needs, according to His riches?

However, problems occur in the self-focused defining of needs—acceptance, approval, and enjoyment—rather than, for example, boldness to speak the gospel or resources to serve God. It can be a problem to set aside truly legitimate needs e. Throughout history and still today , there are martyrs for the Christian faith, who sacrifice even their own lives.

Joyce Meyer has become an extremely popular author and speaker. On the contrary, much of what she says rehashes the popular psychology that lines the shelves of both secular and Christian bookstores. Debbie is licensed to practice law in California and North Carolina. And a sales pitch it is. For instead of selling their universalism by sustained, convincing arguments from the Bible which the church has adequately refuted and from church history which the church has also refuted they make a highly emotional appeal.

Paul Young is typical here, but untypical as to the extent to which he has gone to make this appeal. His language is quite inflammatory. Note his words from what he wrote in when he converted to UR. Here are a couple examples. Burleson claims that Paul Young, the author of The Shack , expresses just another, optional viewpoint about the atonement. He cited Al Mohler and Paul Young as both believing in the atonement but differing only on the issue of its extent.

Mohler, following Calvin, believes that the atonement, the sacrifice of Christ for sin on the cross, was limited to providing atonement for believers only. Young believes it is for all human beings. At least this is how Paul Young has explained it to pastor Burleson. Now my discussion is not just about what Burleson believes. For I suspect that many pastors are in the same position that Burleson is. They are influenced by their personal experience with Paul Young and give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to understanding his theology.

They fail to ask the right questions. But with his most recent publication Young has erased all doubt as to what he believes and how far apart he and Mohler truly are. For Burleson and other pastors to fail to recall their evangelical theology and church history is an inexcusable failure. They are uninformed how universal reconciliation has brought havoc to the church.

There has been in recent years a resurgence of universalism as a theological option among Christians. Perhaps it is the pluralism of our day, the rise of postmodernism with its debunking of truth, the speed of communication via the internet, the challenges of living Christianly in an increasingly polarized world, and general biblical illiteracy in the West that have contributed to the new appeal of universalism. During the last ten years Paul Young has written a total of 6 books 2 more novels with also a day daily devotional connected with each of the 3 novels , and now, just released, the book, Lies We Believe about God.

This book projects 28 lies that evangelical Christians believe and seeks to overturn every one. My review of Lies will be forthcoming; look for it on my web site where this review is. There are several common traits belonging to all 3 novels. All three involve the main character experiencing a dream brought on by a severe accident, medical emergency, or severe crisis in the order of The Shack , Crossroads , and Eve.

All experience an other-world journey of sorts in which the person man, man, and woman encounters the Trinity.