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Category: Tribal Arts. Vintage Providence Providence, Hour 1 Appraised by: Nicholas D. Appraisal Dunlap Chest-on-Chest, ca. George Bohall taught his five sons how to make baskets. That family was so famous, oak-rod baskets were often called Bohall baskets. A bit later, Reub Morgan and his family got into in basketry.

They sold their wares to hardware stores and to their neighbors. Kay combed through historic photographs and discovered that these baskets were part of everyday life for people like the Ping family.

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Kay says it just sort of faded away. They would have carried these baskets full of food to important family gatherings when they went.

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That was in the s and 30s. Demand went up when tourists started visiting Brown County and wanting these baskets as souvenirs. But after World War II, traditional baskets lost favor to more decorative versions imported from Kentucky and Tennessee.

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And in terms of locals using them for farm work, it made more sense to use plastic buckets than oak rod baskets. He made one. Kay asked to see the place where Reub Morgan did his work back at the turn of the century. Reub died in Kay insisted, because he knew Morgan used to write his patterns on the wall where he worked. The current owners say Kay got there just in time. They had been thinking about putting a fresh coat of paint on that wall. What is RSS?