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See what lenders might see when reviewing your credit.

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Categories Subscribe. Employment Employment 2 min read. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a credit report may be obtained only: When authorized by the consumer in writing. When there is a legitimate business need in connection with a business transaction initiated by a consumer.

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When a consumer applies for credit. For the review or collection of a consumer's account. To review a consumer's account to determine whether the consumer still meets the terms of the account. For making "prescreened" offers of credit. For portfolio analysis of existing credit obligations.

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For employment purposes, including hiring and promotion decisions, when the consumer has given written permission. For underwriting insurance when a consumer has applied. For use by state and local officials in connection with determination of child support payments. To determine a consumer's eligibility for a government license or other benefit when the law requires consideration of the consumer's financial responsibility. When ordered by a court or federal grand jury subpoena. What's on Your Credit Report?

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