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This is how I relate to other people.

Don’t Confuse “Creating Your Own Reality” With The Law of Attraction - The Lefkoe Institute

If we were born and we just remembered that this isn't who we are, this is a form of game, then maybe we wouldn't take it so seriously and maybe we are born with that understanding, but then we're conditioned and we forget who we are and then the purpose is to unwind ourselves from all the complex ideas we've got about ourselves, all the beliefs and then to have and become more awakened to what that is. Now, when it comes to manifestation through that, have the simulation, understand there's a couple of key ideas I want to share. Probabilities as the way we think of it. So, the Law of Attraction kind of is.

There are different probabilities of certain things happening.

Parallel Reality SHIFTING the reality you want already exists CHOOSE IT!

Which one were they experiencing? Well, it depends upon our energy state and our vibration because everything in this reality has vibration. We can think of it as resonance just like we have the law of gravity or we may have certain things that keep us in the kind of experiences we're having, just like we're creating our own reality, just like we're having and experiencing that we are collectively doing the same thing.

We are collectively together creating a reality in a certain direction. Now, the key to this is being aware of how this works. There are certain things that we may have agreed to before we came in because it's part of the game of life , the simulation of life that we're all playing. What this means is that part of that was the Law of Attraction that we think about.

Whatever it is like itself is drawn, meaning we always bring more of what is alike, so it's like, like attracts like and we can see then that also since we are so much more than we can priory imagine really anything is possible. It's never a question, is it possible? The question is, is it probable?

Remember we're dealing with probabilities here, so when you become more aware of what is probable, you're then putting your energy in a certain direction and then you can choose that what you want to experience. This is so much more flexible than we probably thought we can start to view the manifestation process as a lot easier than we were thinking about it before because, in the prior analogy, we think of it like, oh, I'm here.

I want to track that over there, so I got to think about it. I got to do all of these things and I got to go from here to over here to over here to eventually over here, but what we want to experience exists right now because there's an infinite number of possibilities that exist in the same way that I've talked about parallel realities before. We could see that every possible reality exists right now in the present moment so we can begin to know this can be so much easier than we are priory making it. We can make and allow this to be a process that we just resonate with, what we want to experience knowing that in this life experience, whatever we resonate with is what we experienced.

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We don't get in life that which we want, but we always get a reflection of who we are being. This is about having that kind of awareness and then choosing that which we want to experience. Now, here's something that I found very powerful about understanding the potential of the simulated type reality theory and that is that just like we are creating our own reality, we're also collectively doing it together. There is a certain desire, not only ourselves, but there is also a desire of the system itself.

Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

Now, have you ever heard the quotes that the more you put out , the more you get back or have you ever heard that the more value you add to other people, the more comes back to you? Now, why could this be? I believe the reason this is that we're all connected. When you make it a win for not just yourself, but you make it a win for other people, you tap into the desire of the whole collective consciousness because we're all connected.

We're all one, so when we do that, we tap into a lead, a more powerful stream of energy. Now, this is why I personally have such a desire to add value to other people in my life. I found that my input, my whole basis of my business, of what I do on YouTube and everything around adding value to other people because I really believe that the more value we add to other people, the more that comes back to us because the deepest fundamental level, we're all connected. What is good for someone else is good for me because that someone else is connected to me. It wants to work through me because I have this genuine intention to help other people.

That's how I view it. It's almost like instead of me, my ego having to do everything, thinking the Avatar has to do everything, we can just chill out a bit and let things happen. Let the game actually run itself. Understand that it's flowing through us.

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Just like we think we are the little character in the game. We are also at a greater level of consciousness. The game itself, just like we may have heard or these. I've heard this, I've read this many books before, a lot of times we think we are this individual ego structure, but in the reality within which we live, we are also the dimension itself. If we're talking about dimensions, we could say that we are the whole dimension itself.

We just dreamed that this is my individual point of consciousness. This is me. This is me, is airing, this is what I do. I make YouTube videos, so you see this about having the awareness that we are so much more than we can imagine and that when we see it from this point of view, the question is not is something possible? The moment we become more aware of this correlation, but that we are not only the ego, the more we then expand our abilities outside of our just our little ego thinking it has to do everything and then what we do is we can begin to see the correlation between what we think and what we experience and in that we can begin to be in a very powerful way.

Now, have you ever heard of something called the beginner's luck or when you do something new, it's like things happen very easily.

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You pattern yourself into always doing and always feeling the same way and always having the same kind of experience. But what eventually happens is if you do something new , there's more potential for good things to happen or for something else to happen because you're not so patterned by the neuro associations and the way that you're thinking. So, it's about being aware of that and choosing to do things.

When you do new things, you take yourself out of the autopilot mind and you start to create a powerful change and potentiality and once you can experience. So, the key to manifesting in the possibility that we live in a simulated reality is understanding that first of all you must do is become aware that we're not just our ego. This is what a lot of people call a spiritual awakening. You become aware that we are more than we probably thought that we were, or more than just this physical, our energy body.

First off, our energy goes far outside of just our body, so we are not our body and when we begin to see this, we could see that we are so much more. We may be dreaming that was here. Maybe part of the simulation is a dream that we're having were dreaming that we're here right now. We're asleep at a higher level of consciousness and when we wake up, when we die in this life, we wake up at a higher level of consciousness.

That's what I believe happens. We come up with all these different interpretations, right? We go through, you see thousands, thousands of people have into NDEs, near-death experiences and many have very similar type understanding or similar type experiences. Learn why hard working people often miss the key ingredients required to create their ideal reality. Discover how the energy generated by your actions, thoughts and beliefs creates your entire reality. Learn how to use the Universal laws to create the reality you desire.

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It Was You, All Along: An Easy To Understand Guide On How To Create The Reality You Desire!

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