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As the only single executive at Bundles of Joy baby products, she'll never get ahead. So, through the Bachelor-in-a-Box agency, she buys an imaginary fiance. Only, when her boss in Welcome to Mossy Creek, where you'll find a friendly face on every corner and a heartfelt story behind every door You'll meet a mayor who sees breaking the law as her civic duty and a by-the-book police chief trying to live up to his father's l She'll fight for justice Orphan Josie Miller was saved from a life of crime when a stranger rescued her off the street.

Josie owes everything she has to Dr. Annie--from her hard-won law degree to her impressive knowledge of medicine.

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So when a wo Come sit on the porch a spell. Let's talk about times gone by and folks we remember, about slow summer evenings and lightning bugs in a jar. Listen to the music of the creaky swing, hand-cranked ice cream, and cicadas chorusing in the background.

A Loveswept Classic Romance

But now that he's ready to put his past behind him, he can't keep his hands off the one woman determined to destroy him. Reporter Sunny Cl As a physician, Annalise Sinclair thought she knew everything about the workings of the human heart But to Annalise, love was a distraction she could ill afford. So she packed her bags Could the woman whose voice had been his lifeline find sanctuary in his arms? Lincoln McAllister rarely left his secret mountain compound, Shangri-la, until twin temptations finally did the trick: a friend's wedding and a chance to meet Sterlin Lily Towns was determined to marry Matt Logan, even if she had to use her shotgun to get him to the altar.

She'd been a skinny little girl when she first boldly proposed. Matt had laughed and refused her, t To possess her, he had to cross the thin line between love and betrayal No one could get in or out of dangerous places better than Conner Preston, the handsome enigma nicknamed the Shadow by his Green Beret buddies, but Erica Fallon presented a He first came to her in a dream: a sleek and tawny cougar with the power to protect her.

So when Raven Alexander awoke to find herself lying beside the rugged stranger, she wasn't afraid. He might be an unruly cowboy with a checkered past but Raven b Nikolai Sandor didn't want to feel anything for the sleeping woman who resembled a fairy-tale princess, but only he could give Karen Miller a reason to live! Murmuring endearments, he tried to convince her they were more than strangers But when she accidentally did, she didn't think, she ran.

Suddenly the raggedy tomboy the town rejected had the money to make a life for herself At the stroke of midnight, he opened his door to a dream Just when quarterback Joe Armstrong had decided his life was over, the doorbell rang--and a long-legged enchantress made him reconsider! Annie Galloway insisted she wasn't a vision or A brave young widow is left alone to fend for herself on the banks of the Rio Grande, until the ghost of her husband brings her a second chance at love Sabrina Alexander needed man. The silver mine left to her and her four sisters was useless without the strength to mine the silver nuggets. Ebooks and Manuals

But when she returned from her trip to Boulder City, Colorado, it was with not one but fo Tempted by a fallen angel, urged on by a ghost, he needed a magic spell Dusty O'Brian couldn't believe her aunt had left the old house to her and to Nick Elliott! The pain burning in the doctor's mesmerizing dark eyes echoed her own grief, bu Dallas Burke had come to Willow Creek, Wyoming, to find her brother's killer, and she had no intention of being scared off--not by the roughnecks who trashed her newspaper office, n Assigned to ride shotgun and protect a pouch of gold en route to the capitol building during Georgia's Gold Rush Days Celebration, Gabriel St.

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Clair groaned--and tried to He himself declared it so, resurrecting himself in a new life as Stone, infamous Mississippi River pirate. But even with a price on his head and a cache full of broken dreams, he could not shut out the memory of his pr He'd come to Savannah seeking revenge on the man who'd destroyed his business, but instead Razor Cody found a fairy-tale princess whose violet eyes and spun-gold hair m The man exiting the prison was going to be the perfect cover model for her new Fantasy Romance, but when the sexy ex-con pulled her into his arms and kissed her breathless, then Four Georgia girls on the brink of womanhood--good girl Susan, easy Margie, impoverished Joellen, and rich Glory--share hopes and dreams of a bright future in the summer of their senior year.

Thief of Hearts A whiff of jasmine and a flash of silk told Rush Randolph that the night-riding bandit was hot on his trail once again. With saucy daring and bold determination, Amanda Caden had stolen his heart.

Too Late - Matt Stansberry and the Romance - Silver Bullet Sessions

But would she--in either identity He'd practically kidnapped her and taken her to his isolated mountain castle to help his disabled daughter, but what was the truth behind the legend of Jonathan Dream, the dashing pl Ever since he'd restored the Scarlet Butterfly Sean Rogan had learned to expect strange occurrences on the ancient schooner--a scent of tobacco, a sudden shift of her deck--but he was stunned He'd come to the small-town garage to make its owner an offer, but instead Gavin Magadan found himself the object of a sizzling wager!

Stacy Lanham gasped when she realized she'd Through a violent summer storm in Nashville, Joe's haunting music drew her to him, striking strangely familiar notes in her mind though she had lost her memory.

For him, she was only Summer, with no past, only the present. Together they shared a midn He was bruised, broke, and brash enough to think he could win the top prize in the motorcycle scavenger hunt, but Hunter Kincaid hadn't counted on a smart-mouthed half-pint with When Judge Rasch Webber's ruling shattered her father's dream, Savannah Ramey vowed a gypsy's revenge! She wanted to make Rasch suffer as she'd been hurt -- by first enchanting him beyond reason, awakening long Asa Canyon couldn't believe he was handcuffed to the bed in a half-empty apartment-and a lady locksmith had been called to release him!

Bristling with barely controlled fury, the Dirty Harry of Cobb County struggled to get free, then silenced a shock The Hot-Blooded Cowboy Cade McCall wasn't the kind of man to answer an ad as mysterious as Rusty Wilder's--but he'd never needed a job as much as he did this one! When he met the feisty green-eyed rancher, whose wild red hair echoed her fiery spi The note said, "Meet meat our place at midnight," just as it had all those years ago, but Katherine Sinclair resisted the seductive claim Danny Dark's words had laid to her heart when she was seventeen.

Why was The simple pleasures of a summer sojourn at Georgia's grand Sweetwater Hotel were lost on Portia MacIntosh traveling Shakespearean acting troupe. Feisty Portia was determined to win it bac The Defiant Drifter He was a wicked-looking cowboy seeking refuge in the stormy night, a stranger in a town where outsiders weren't welcome--but when Andrea Fleming tried to arrest the man who'd broken into the empty house, Sam Farley threw her When one of the Peachtree Vigilantes swung down from a tree and tackled him, police captain Adam Ware was stunned to discover he was being held captive by an angel with golden curls!

Toni Gresham had been hunting muggers who preyed on the elderly, an Kate Weston was a feisty Jill-of-all-trades who could fix plumbing and repair any car, but no adult education class had prepared her to face hotel owner Max Sorrenson draped in nothing but a towel!

When she dropped her wrench in lustful embarrassment When her injured knee failed to heal,' Olympic, figure skater Allison Josey sought refuge in the Georgia home of her happiest childhood memories. Instead, she found Joker Vandergriff, a red-haired giant of a man who insisted on invading every part of But the quicksilver lady with the gorgeous eyes was tike elusive perfume--good at disappearing, and unforgettable. When King Vandergiff saw Kaylyn Smith standing on top of Lizard Rock protesting his company's construction of a private club around the town's hot springs, he knew he'd met his march!

Lacey Lee Wilcox knew that people did crazy things at weddings, so when Tyler Winter sparked afire in her veins with his reckless smile and kissed her long and hard, she felt an irresistible urge to melt against him, even if a free-spirited gypsy wit Matt Holland had driven for miles to make Callie Carmichael a proposition -- was it his fault she got the wrong idea and sent her ravenous pet goat after him?

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Hooker in this issue, p. XI; No. Domingo, and Hester Ann Rogers: With a sermon preached on the occasion of her death by the Rev. Bureau of Business Research.

Sõber Raamat: A Venetian Affair

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